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Paranormal articles written by our staff, these research articles cover Bay Area Paranormal Investigations, research topics, and experiences.

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Whats the deal with ghosts???

Okay. so I ask what’s the deal with ghosts???? I may be wrong, but my guess is that you’re probably reading this in the hope I’ll tell some cool ghost stories. More than that, I’ll add the customary showmanship to the stories. But wait. I’ll give you the real scoop right off the bat: there ... Read more

hungry tibetan ghost

Tibetan Philosophy on Ghosts

Tibetan Philosophy on Ghosts and Spirits Local traditions in Tibet are the outcome of a culture living in an extremely remote area that is surrounded by the unusually riveting majesty of nature. Like Native Americans who lived near the natural wonders of an unspoiled America, Tibetans honor nature. They value the spiritual essence of their ... Read more

ghosts of suicides forest

Japanese Ghosts and Spirits

The stories of Japanese ghosts and Japanese paranormal experiences fill modern-day media. Japanese paranormal stories either take the form of traditional folk tales or legends or have been adapted from folk tales to contemporary films and novels.  Even modern Japanese religion integrates the supernatural into its teachings. The bottom line is that even today, daily ... Read more


Ghosts and Gods

In contrast to the modern conception of ghosts, many ancient societies not only thought that awe-inspiring gods were a form of ghost, but also believed that it was appropriate to lump spirits of nature and monsters into their definition of ghosts. In other words, ghosts were not necessarily the dead. They were anything that was ... Read more


Opening your mind to the paranormal

It’s nearly impossible to access nonordinary experience with ordinary consciousness because the ordinary consciousness we learn in this society tends to be exclusive. That is, our consciousness splits up what we see into pieces so that we interpret what we see and feel from a linear cause-and-effect perspective. This sort of mental organization has benefits, ... Read more


Sound in Paranormal Investigations Part 2

I suggest that an understanding of frequency is the key to what we call paranormal activity. Let’s talk about how animals link to the paranormal through their sensitivity to frequency. The animal sense that most clearly surpasses human sensitivity is hearing. That some animals hear better than humans is hardly news, but this ability becomes ... Read more


Sound in Paranormal Investigations Part 1

While there’s ample reason to believe that hauntings correlate to infrasonic, or low frequency, wave patterns, I suggest that different types of paranormal phenomena relate to both the infrasonic and ultrasonic, frequencies that are out of the range of human hearing. Indeed, if we, as some British scientists propose, are emotionally and physically responsive to, ... Read more


Mediums, How to view Pyschics and Sensitives

Are mediums a fraud? It may be tempting to think so, but there’s more to mediums than contemporary society thinks. Two reasons for the rejection of mediums are that: 1) they do something we don’t understand; 2) mediums themselves don’t often say much about what they do, probably because they also can’t rationally explain their ... Read more


Russian Hill, Suicide House

History Our team was contacted to perform an investigation of a house, which many locals refer to as the, “Suicide House”. The house was originally constructed in 1875 along the banks of the Russian River in California. It is documented that the first owner became distrout over losing his wife to due sickness and a ... Read more


Queen Anne Hotel San Francisco, Haunted

Queen Anne Hotel History It is important to note that directly across the street during the late 1800′s and early 1900′s lived a lady who was known as the Voodoo queen of San Francisco, Miss Mary Ellen Pleasant. “Mammy Pleasant” which many refer to her as, was originally from an Augusta, Georgia plantation. She became ... Read more

haunted burlington hotel

Burlington Hotel, Port Costa Haunted

Burlington Hotel History The Burlington Hotel in Port Costa is haunted.  Numerous people including paranormal research teams have experienced ghostly phenomena within its walls.  The Burlington Hotel is located in the SF Bay Area, in the small town of Port Costa.     It is documented that the Burlington Hotel was once a brothel.  As its ... Read more


San Remo San Francisco Haunted

Haunted San Remo Hotel, San Francisco History Soon after the 1906 earth quake ravage the city of San Francisco, Bank of America founder A.P. Giannini built the “Californian Hotel”.  The hotel was originally constructed to service the large immigrant workforce used to rebuild the city, also it served as a primary place of stay for ... Read more