Russian Hill, Suicide House


Our team was contacted to perform an investigation of a house, which many locals refer to as the, “Suicide House”. The house was originally constructed in 1875 along the banks of the Russian River in California. It is documented that the first owner became distrout over losing his wife to due sickness and a hung himself from the rafters in one of the guest bedrooms.

The house was vacant throughout the years and was even abandoned for 15 years. In 1995 the current owner remodeled the structure and began renting it out. However he has since been having issues keeping tenants due to many odd occurrences that they have been experiencing. Past tenants have reported a short shadow figure darting throughout the property and have also heard voices even when no one else is present.

Paranormal Investigation

Our team arrived on location at 8pm, after unpacking our gear we sent up stationary cameras in the bedroom were the suicide occurred as well as in the hallway, staircase, master, and basement. We surveyed and performed regular EMF sweeps and noticed that several areas of the house were the client reported activity correlated with high emf fields that were being created by exposed wiring under the house. The readings in these areas averaged between 80 to 95 Gauss, which could promote feelings of uneasiness and even foster hallucinations to those that have a sensitivity to high electromagnetic fields.

After preforming several audio recording sessions in hopes of capturing any spirit voices, we determined that due to the street outside and the acoustics of the house, many of the noises that we caused by people walking outside and cars passing by could actually be heard in all areas of the house except for the basement. Was this the cause of the phantom voices?

After evaluating all the data from the investigation, we were unable to confirm of anything paranormal happening on the property.